by Jean Du Toit  
  Spoil yourself and give your partner a super-sexy gift
Boudoir photography is for the everyday woman, because all women are beautiful. Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

A shoot with Jean will make you feel more positive about the way you look right now. You don’t need to lose any weight first, and you don’t need any modeling experience. A professional hair and makeup artist will also be on location to ensure that you look absolutely flawless, and Jean will guide and direct you throughout your shoot.

You will also be able to select your favourite photos from a private online gallery, and have the option of presenting your partner with a stylish coffee-table book as a special gift.

  I’m really nervous! What can I do about it?
Most of my clients are nervous before, and during the beginning of the shoot. That’s completely normal. But the nerves always go away after a few minutes. Sometimes a glass of champagne can take the edge off.

Where will the shoot take place?
At the Esperanza Guest House in Oranjezight, Cape Town. It's a beautiful restored Victorian era mansion Nestled at the foot of the Table Mountain. Visit for more.

Can I bring a friend?
Of course, that's not a problem at all. They can be with you during the entire shoot, or they can wait for you in the lounge or enjoy a drink by the pool.

Do I choose my own photos?
Yes, you do. Two or three working days after your shoot, you will be able to select your favourite photos from an online private gallery.

How many photos will I get?

It depends on which package you choose. With the Mini boudoir package you will get 10 photos, and with the Standard package you will receive 20 photos.

Do you edit the photos?
Yes I do, but I don’t believe in heavy ‘airbrushing’. I don’t use Photoshop to alter my clients’ appearance radically. So don’t expect to look like you’ve suddenly lost 15kgs. I believe that boudoir photography is about focusing on (and celebrating) all your positive qualities.

What must I bring?
You must bring a few sets of lingerie, a cardigan or knitted top, and white (man's) shirt, jewelry, heels and anything else that makes you feel sexy.

  Here are a few photos from recent boudoir shoots.


Miss S
"During the week following the shoot I could not stop talking about it. I felt so confident, like I could take on anything. The pictures are amazing...Thanks again."

"You've really made a flabby tummy mother of one look good!"

"Thank you so much for these wonderful pictures and thank you for making me feel so at ease during the shoot."

Miss L
"Words cannot say thank you enough for the time given to me yesterday to make me feel special,. I am still on cloud nine and have not stopped talking about what the experience has done for my self esteem."


“When I first decided to do the photoshoot, I though I knew what I was in for. I was wrong. It was better than I expected...Like most people my nervous were sky high, but you did a great job in calming me and making me feel more comfortable. The whole experience was awesome. I am so ecstatic with the photos: the way I look and how they have made me feel. I am more confident and empowered because of this whole process.”


“At first I thought that I will not be able to do it, but I felt so at ease that it was really easy being able to relax and have fun with the shoot. Jean was very professional throughout the whole experience. I never felt shy or embarrassed at all. He made such an effort with everything and I would recommend him any day! I can't wait for my next shoot!”

“Thank you Jean, I had so much fun on Saturday and you were so professional. I arrived there so nervous and left feeling confident.”

“Thank you Jean for a fantastic shoot. I was more than surprised by the quality of your work when I received my cd. You are comfortable to work with and I would recommend anyone to make use of your services”.

"Amazing....never felt so comfy in my own skin...all woman shud do this atleast once...Jean complete and utter professional & gentleman THANK U u made it sooooo much easier!!!!!!!!!!!!...
‪#‎u‬ don't have to be perfect to be pretty!

VIDEO: Meet Suzanne. Her story will inspire you.
She is a beautiful, courageous woman and a breast cancer survivor. In 2012 her left breast was removed, leaving her feeling self-conscious and less confident. She recently decided to do a boudoir shoot to boost her self-esteem and to feel beautiful, attractive and sexy again.

Watch the short video below where she talks about her motivation for doing the shoot, her entire boudoir photoshoot experience, and at the end she sees her photos for the first time.

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